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After witnessing the raw power of a traditional windmill in Poland, I found myself eager to explore it more.

Feeling deeply uncomfortable with dependency on modern technology and inspired by the beauty and simplicity of Greek wind mills, I came up with the mobile windmill.

We currently run a water pump, band saw and an electric generator. The windmill works well and is able to function in a wide range of wind conditions. It has been described as a perfect balance of beauty and practicality.

At events, all ages find it fascinating and engaging, providing hands-on fun that stimulates inventive thinking.

It is a direct drive windmill; powering a drive shaft directly from the sails down the mast to a second drive shaft. This allows a broad range of machines to be powered by a connecting flat belt.

The wind mill is large enough to produce useable power, energy that we can all relate to.

With accelerated global instability driven by a dependency culture that consumes more rather than less, resourceful technology has merit in refugee camps or situations of exodus, as well as for stable communities.


Ancient technology works surprisingly well, making it possible to be produced anywhere in the world.

The windmill is thousands of years old, as is the water pump principle we use.

Traditional windmills work well.

Since Medieval times windmills have undermined the establishment by sidestepping the monopoly on watermills. Even to this day there is an agenda to prevent people from having an independent power supply.

Windmills reduce the need to travel to senseless jobs. They buy you time to cultivate food, develop community and allow real economies to thrive based on local rather than global markets.

Windmills free you from the mindless destruction of your environment which the state demands.

Windmills are clean and safe and accessible to all. Eternal free power.

Energy dependency control’s your every breath.

This is why we travel around the country demonstrating what is possible.

This windmill unfolded with lots of help from friends and family.

I’m available to come to most events. My name is Robin Larkham and you can email me at or by using the form.

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